Monday, October 15, 2012

A new 911 GT3?

Spy Shots Confirm that New Porsche 991 GT3 will get a PDK Dual Clutch Transmission

We had heard the rumors that Porsche was evaluating a PDK dual clutch transmission for the new 991-generation of its hardcore 911 GT3 in place of the traditional manual gearbox that has been around ever since the series was introduced in 1999, but now we have the first photographic proof of it.
A member of the Gearstage forums spotted prototypes of both the Porsche 918 Spyder and 911 GT3 somewhere in San Francisco, USA, and was able to get close enough to nab some pictures of the 991-series GT3's interior.

Positioned between the leather and Alcantara sport seats on the center console is Porsche's PDK dual-clutch automatic transmission (see more photos in the links below), which sources state will have seven gears.

We still do not know for sure if the German company will offer both a manual gearbox and a PDK transmission, but for better or for worse, the grapevine says it will only be the latter.

As a reminder, the new 911 GT3 will continue to be sport a rev-happy, normally aspirated flat six, though this time, instead of the current model's 4.0-liter engine, it will use the 991's newer 3.8-liter unit tweaked by Porsche Motorsport's division to produce somewhere between 450 and 500 horses.

We expect the 991 GT3 to launch sometime next year.

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